EBP Brasil (formerly Geoklock) is an environmental engineering consultancy company with a 40 year history. The highly qualified team, the trust based relationship with our clients, the investment in innovation are common elements that promote great synergy with the EBP group.

Being global has made us become even more competitive. Access to new technologies, the prospect of a greater exchange of experiences among employees, and above all, the wider extent of business opportunities.

We will continue as EBP Brasil that which we have always been as Geoklock, a standard in pioneering, quality and technical capacity and skills. We will take with us our 40 years of history, all our know-how of Brazil and, especially, our human capital - qualified professionals focused on the success of our clients in their environmental projects.

At EBP, we are also unique through our culture of interdisciplinary teamwork, our decentralized and client-oriented leadership, and our global collaboration and efficiency for the benefit of our clients.

Our competences

Thanks to the comprehensive skills of our employees, our interdisciplinary approach and our decades of project experience, we are able to offer our clients sound solutions in a wide range of development sectors.