Treatment Plants Installation and Operation

EBP Brasil has decades of experience installing and operating environmental remediation systems, which include soil treatment units, contaminated waters and gaseous effluents, has designed to install and operate liquid and gaseous effluents treatment plants. Soil and groundwater remediation always require preliminary studies such as the items from the detailed environmental investigation, intervention plan, among others.

EBP Brasil has a highly qualified team to supervise, operate and perform the proper maintenance of Remediation Systems, from the simplest to the most complex. The success of the area’s rehabilitation process depends on assertive actions in the field, in addition to constant and accurate monitoring of the efficiency and effectiveness parameters foreseen in the project. Our new automation and reporting solution "ON BOARD" has been a fundamental tool for the management of remediation system operations in the new times. EBP Brasil operates dozens of Remediation Systems with excellence. Rely on our team!