About Us

EBP Brasil is an environmental consultancy and engineering company with a 40 year history (formerly Geoklock). More than 6,000 projects have been carried out, many of which are quality benchmarks in the environmental sector. Services have been provided to over  1,000 clients, national and multinational companies and industries, from the most important segments of our economy.

All this accumulated experience and knowledge, added to a multidisciplinary technical staff and its own infrastructure with sophisticated technology and state-of-the-art equipment, make EBP Brasil (formerly Geoklock) a leader in the analysis and offering of innovative services and the most complete environmental solutions to its customers.

In order to expand the services offered, EBP Brasil (formerly Geoklock), a pioneer company in the field of environmental consultancy in Brazil, opened an office in Belém, Pará, in October 2019.

International Presence

EBP Brasil is part of the EBP Group, a Swiss group which operates internationally.

Our customers take advantage of not only the technical and professional support offered, but also the additional services of a company acknowledged worldwide.

The EBP Group, is also unique in its culture of interdisciplinary teamwork, decentralized, customer-oriented leadership, and global collaboration and efficiency which benefits its customers.

The company is part of an independent global network of Swiss origin, committed to the highest level of quality in its services and which operates in various segments, besides the environmental field, such as: engineering, energy, infrastructure, information technology, communication, transportation, urbanism, safety, sustainability, among others. The company has 550 employees based in the offices of Sao Paulo, Zurich, Berlin, Santiago, Boston and Shen-zen.

A Highly Qualified Team

31% geologists, chemical and environmental engineers

7% mechanical, civil and electrical engineers

17%chemists, technologists, chemical and environmental technicians

4% architects, designers and draftsmen

5%H&S technicians, field technicians, probe operators

12% environmental process assistants

3% IT technicians

10%administrative professionals

4% field support professionals

7%trainees and interns