Implementation and monitoring of landfills and geotechnical confinements

Geotechnical monitoring or geotechnical instrumentation of landfills and geotechnical confinements is of extreme importance for the verification and monitoring of the assumptions and simulations made during the design stage.

EBP Brasil has high experience and a qualified technical team to develop a monitoring system to control the stability conditions and behavior of the deposited waste mass.

For the evaluation, geotechnical instruments are monitored, such as:

  • Inclinometer (INC);
  • Piezometer (PZ) and Water Level Indicator (INA);
  • Surface Marks;
  • Recalc plates;
  • Pluviometric Indices.

Geotechnical monitoring must be able to observe and collect data with high precision that allows the evaluation of the landfill and geotechnical confinement behavior to predict potential anomalous trends, which may compromise global safety and indicate possible instabilities.

Besides monitoring geotechnical instruments, it is important to conduct regular field inspections in order to assess the conditions of rainwater drainage systems, control of erosive processes, occurrence of cracks in slopes, among others.