Environmental Data Management

Due to the use of high resolution tools, field chromatographs and automatic monitoring systems, the volume of environmental data that needs to be treated and analyzed is increasing substantially.

Due to this increase, the data and information management complexity by industries and other entrepreneurs, who have as a critical factor of their operations the correct treatment of environmental data, has also increased.

Alongside the increased availability of digital information, there is also an increased risk of system intrusion and hijacking of such information.

EBP Brazil currently offers two solutions for its clients:

  • ON BOARD" report, an automated tool that offers in a single document a complete summary of the technical aspects of every project;
  • In addition, all information collected, processed and analyzed by EBP Brazil is inserted in a GIS database (Georeferenced Data Management System), which allows the construction of historical graphs and figures, according to the needs of our clients and environmental agencies.

EBP Brazil is preparing to include ISO-27000 in its integrated management system (SGI). This certificate will represent the materialization of the seriousness with which EBP Brazil deals with its clients' data.

In addition, EBP Brazil is developing a digital tool to provide environmental and project data to its clients. With this, we will be completely inserted in the universe of digital companies.