Electromobility is about to become a mass market and the infrastructure for charging electric vehicle batteries is limited and will be developed rapidly in the coming years. We are working with basis of which decisions can be made: market forecasts for electric vehicles, infrastructure planning, action plans, among others.

Our information bases contribute to electromobility decisions that can contribute positively to a sustainable energy and mobility system. In addition, they help our customers to save money and act at the right time.

Our services in the area of electromobility include:

  • Analysis of the opportunities and risks of electromobility, also regionally differentiated
  • Modeling market penetration of electric vehicles (including electric cars in Brazil, electric buses and electric trucks) up to time frames like 2030 or 2050, in various scenarios
  • Power requirements and required number of charging stations (home charging, workplace charging, leisure charging, fast charging)
  • Spatial distribution of infrastructure and pricing
  • Recommendations of action for distributors, energy suppliers, shopping malls, automotive industry and retailers
  • Identification of new business models
  • Development of support actions for electric cars and loading infrastructure

Our consultancy is strictly independent. We are not tied to the state, car manufacturers or generators and distributors.