Emissions and Dispersion Modeling Study (EDMS)

The Emissions and Dispersion Modeling Study (EDMS) is a mathematical model that simulates the phenomenon of dispersion of local pollutants in the atmosphere. This simulation requires the use of specific software to perform the necessary iterations.

Modelling makes it possible to estimate the behavior of pollutants in the atmosphere. In this studies, information of interest are concentrations of pollutants at ground level, indicating the potential impacts on air quality for the population, as well as, fauna and flora.

As it is an important tool for predicting the potential impacts of the implementation of a project on the surrounding area, EDMA is currently required by environmental agencies in environmental licensing, depending on the size and activity of the project.

It can also be applied for company planning purposes, such as for studies of alternative locations, or as an indicator for areas of interest for air quality monitoring.

EBP Brasil utilizes the AERMOD software for EDMA, the most accepted software by environmental agencies in Brazil, presenting in these studies the dispersion plumes and also preparing the inventory of atmospheric emissions, together or separately to the EDMA.