Deactivation, decommissioning, decontamination and demolition

Decommissioning is increasingly present in the development of cities, making it possible to undertake mainly in old areas with an industrial vocation, today occupied by residences, condominiums and commerce in the surroundings.

EBP BRASIL, through a multidisciplinary and qualified team, offers a range of services that contribute to the adequate closure of industrial activities, meeting national and international standards.

When industrial plants are decommissioned it is necessary to plan the activities so that your area is not simply abandoned. The concept of decommissioning represents social and environmental responsibility and sustainability.
The Decommissioning Plan enables recognition of the area, potential reuse of assets, appropriate disposal of waste and materials, environmental recommendations and finally the release of the area for future use.

EBP Brasil develops tailor-made solutions with the objective of reducing the risks associated to Decommissioning, Decommissioning, Decontamination and Demolition (4D), offering solutions in all stages, enabling the closing of industries or processes in industrial plants, in an environmental and safe manner.

The work undertaken consists of: Initial Characterization

  • Step that provides the general understanding of the installation conditions and the customer's objectives.
  • Collection of documentation
  • Characterization of structures
  • Environmental assessment and waste identification
  • Asset inventory development

Decommissioning plan

  • Step that specifies all closing activities of the unit
  • Development of project scope and decommissioning schedule
  • Decontamination and demolition programs
  • Development of the health and safety plan
  • Technical specifications for contracting the execution of services
  • Service budget estimates and asset resale/recycling
  • Environmental recommendations for implementation