Construction Waste Management Plan (PGRCC)

According to Resolution nº. 307 - CONSettingsAMA establishes that the " Civil Construction Waste Management Plan, of undertakings and activities not covered by the legislation as object of environmental licensing, shall be submitted by the real estate company for analysis by the competent body of the municipal government, in accordance with the Municipal Plan for Management of Civil Construction Waste".

EBP Brasil prepares and implements the Civil Construction Waste Management Plan, establishing the necessary procedures for the environmentally adequate handling and disposal of wastes from different classes and characteristics, as recommended by Resolution nº. 307 - CONAMA.

The company’s team has extensive experience in the preparation of the PGRCC, thus ensuring compliance with technical guidelines and procedures for an environmentally appropriate disposal of wastes such as:

  • Characterizing and quantifying the waste;
  • Sorting of the residues at their origin according to the residue’s classes established in the Resolution;
  • Defining the packaging of the waste ensuring the conditions for reuse and recycling;
  • Establishing transport in accordance with the current technical norms;
  • Checking final destination load and auditing landfills and disposal facilities.