Geoklock now is EBP

We have been preparing ourselves for years to be able to deliver this news: from 2020 onwards, Geoklock will be EBP Brazil. This change has been carefully planned and its implementation has been ongoing since EBP Group took control of Geoklock in 2014.

This brand change is therefore the last phase of a change process that we choose to do without haste, because direction is more important than speed. We will use the same brand as a company with an international presence, with which we share values and have multiple close connections.

We will be global which makes us more competitive. We will have access to new technologies and all kinds of innovation. We will live a greater exchange of professional experiences. We will gain amplitude of business opportunities.

On the other hand, we will continue as EBP that which we have always been as Geoklock, a standard in pioneering, quality and technical capacity and skills. We will take with us our 40 years of history, all our know-how of Brazil and, especially, our human capital - qualified professionals focused on the success of our clients in their environmental projects.

At EBP, we are also unique through our culture of interdisciplinary teamwork, our decentralized and client-oriented leadership, and our global collaboration and efficiency for the benefit of our clients. Our 550 employees are based in Zürich, Switzerland; Berlin, Germany; Santiago, Chile; São Paulo, Brazil; Shenzhen, China; and Boston, USA.

We think long-term and continuously re-invest in our future to attract and develop exceptional talents. 
A new chapter in our history begins now. And you are already part of it.

Contact Info:
Contact Person: Rubens Spina, CEO
Company: EBP Brasil Consultoria e Engenharia Ambiental Ltda.
Company URL:
Address: 14.261, Nações Unidas Avenue, Wing A, 16th floor
Zip Code 04794-000 – São Paulo – SP - Brazil 
Phone: +55 11 5501-3777