Study of atmospheric dispersion and risk analysis in a commercial area

EBP Brasil and its multidisciplinary team of specialists evaluated thepositioning of a thermal test booth with an instrumented mannequin. In this booth, evaluations of flame-retardant clothing are carried out based on international standards. The installation site is at the entrance of a 6 floors commercial building, underground parking spaces, auxiliary services and utilities area,  located in the mixed urban area..
The study aimed to identify possible scenarios of physical effects of hypothetical accidents and areas of concern associated with atmospheric emissions from chimneys and respiratory.

Our services

  • Interview with cabin operators, seeking to understand the operation of the equipment and possible improvements in safety;
  • Visit to the future location of installation, with the aim of understanding the environmental conditions for installation of the cabin;
  • Preparation of Preliminary Hazard Analysis (APP) with a multidisciplinary team of specialists from the client, EBP Brazil and EBP Switzerland;
  • Elaboration of a consolidated report with recommendations for process improvements aimed at reducing potential risks.